Adelta Integral

This symbol – the Greek letter Delta circumscribed by a Circle – Adelta Integral – represents change made whole. It means integration. It combines disparate aspects together to create wholes. I am a wandering scholar, artist, activist, chef – a scattering of skills and passions. I must insist to the incredulous world that I am not a set of isolated competences to be molded and monetized – I am a complete self. This website is a work of personal integration – a representation of Maximus Thaler for the world to see.

Atalanta_fugiens_Page_099Atalanta Fugiens, Epigrama XXI, Michael Maier, 1617

The symbol I have recently named adelta is quite old. For European alchemists it was one of many representations of the Philosophers Stone – the unification of opposites. The Philosophers stone was neither matter nor spirit, neither real nor virtual, but made by integrating all opposed qualities together.

Serpiente_alquimicaSynosius, Theodoros Pelecanos, 1478

The ouroboros is another alchemical symbol that bears a similar meaning. The serpent eats its own tail. The creature contains itself. Opposite ends paradoxically unified. The ouroboros is a vivid essentialization of what it means to be alive, what it means to be conscious. Life reciprocally creates itself by simultaneously violating and manifesting its own boundaries. How does one observe the observing I?


white integral


At its broadest scope, my work is a task of integration. Academically, I seek to mend the rift between science and spirituality, not with ill-informed new-aged hand waving, but with narrativized evidence gleaned from the physical sciences – a new cosmology. But this is not just an exercise in ivory tower intellectualism, for those white walls represent an artificial division between people that cries out for integration as well. So I grow plants out of dirt. I eat out of dumpsters. I make art out of trash. What these activities have in common is symbiosis – they force us to reconsider the boundaries we have drawn between self and other. The physical refuse that society rejects I incorporate into my being. Life transcends its boundaries.

I am fascinated by the eons of time life has been living. We live in a new world very recently beset by divisions that threaten to suck life of its meaning – a world that compels us to specialize and quantize and monetize. My response is a flat refusal to discretize myself into sellable chunks. And yet here I am, digitized, speaking to you through a screen, distributed through the æther. This website can only be a shade of myself, but let it be a multifaceted shadow. Here in this virtual space we exist together in a vast echo chamber of identity, each incorporating reflections of the other. We are impossibly small – infinitesimal nodes of an infinite network – a sea of selves. And yet each node is linked to countless others linked to countless others, all connected. Integration makes the infinitely fractured, whole.