Below are images and IDs of some of the mushrooms I have found1a 1b 2a 2b 2c 5a 5b 5c DSC06141 DSC06182 DSC06183 DSC06631 DSC06638 DSC06778 DSC06779 DSC06782 DSC06782-2 DSC06908 DSC07006 DSC07007 DSC07060 DSC07061 DSC07062 DSC07063 DSC07175 DSC07192 DSC07194 DSC07197 DSC07198 DSC07208 DSC07227 DSC07233

DSC05256 DSC05743

DSC04637DSC04638DSC04644DSC04645DSC04636DSC04647DSC04653DSC04655DSC04658DSC04659DSC04660DSC04662DSC04664DSC04665DSC04667DSC04671DSC04676DSC04682DSC04685DSC04686DSC04687DSC04695DSC04698DSC04701DSC04711DSC04736DSC04738DSC04790DSC04800DSC04810DSC04816DSC04819DSC04820DSC04821DSC04896DSC04899DSC04902DSC04904DSC04906DSC04910Pleurotus Oysteratus


mushroom (10 of 1)mushroom (12 of 1)Coprinus Comatus
Copriniosis atramentaria

DSC04938Coprinellus disseminatus

DSC04945DSC04934DSC04949DSC04952DSC04955DSC04956DSC04957DSC04960DSC04961DSC04963DSC04967mushroom (1 of 1)DSC05041DSC04980DSC04972

tree (7 of 1)tree (8 of 1)Pleurotus oysteratus
DSC04976DSC05030DSC05031DSC05035DSC05042DSC05043DSC05048DSC05052DSC05054DSC05063mushroom (2 of 1)mushroom (3 of 1)mushroom (4 of 1)mushroom (5 of 1)mushroom (6 of 1)mushroom (19 of 1)DSC04296 DSC04345 DSC04350DSC043832 DSC04380 DSC04381-EditAgaricus

DSC04020 DSC04021

PaxilusDSC04023DSC03718 (1) DSC03905 DSC03906 DSC03916

Reishi, Ganoderma lucidumLichenBritish Soldiers, Cladonia cristatella


CoprinusDSC03915 DSC03922 DSC03923 Birds Nest

NidulariacaeDryads Saddle

Polyporus squamosus, Dryad’s saddle DSC036421 (1)DSC03886 DSC03888 DSC03926 DSC03929

DSC03648 (1) DSC03651 DSC03654 DSC03673

BoletalesDSC03703 (1)

Russula DSC03861 DSC03864 DSC03869 DSC03872 DSC03873 DSC03878 DSC03879 DSC03882 DSC03883 DSC03918

DSC03607 DSC03618 DSC03601 DSC03589Megacollybia rodmani

DSC03547Polyporus squamosus, Dryad’s saddle
DSC03552Megacollybia rodmani DSC03560Mitrula elegans, Swamp beacon, an aquatic ascomycete DSC03574Mitrula elegans, Swamp beacon, an aquatic ascomycete DSC03577-2Mycena leaiana

2014-05-26 08.48.58Pleurotus ostreatus2014-05-26 08.49.06Pleurotus ostreatus 2014-05-26 08.49.39Xylaria polymorpha, Dead Mans FingersDSC03304Lacrymaria velutina DSC03305Lacrymaria velutina DSC03315Psathyrella candolleana DSC03316Psathyrella candolleana DSC03347 DSC03355Megacollybia rodmani

DSC02508Coprinus micaceus


DSC02457Likely Auricularia



Turkey Tail – Trametes versicolor 

DSC02426False Turkey Tail: Stereum ostreaDSC02338

False Turkey Tail:  Stereum ostrea 
DSC01835 DSC01833 DSC0183220111231_130335Likely Lycoperdon 
20111231_124827 20111231_123637 2014-04-26 19.02.59

Panellus stipticus next time I’ll get a picture of the bioluminescence 
2014-04-08 17.33.44 2014-03-31 18.31.44Old Miatake, Hen of the Woods: Grifola Frondosa. This was found in the early spring after wintering over
2014-03-31 18.14.51Schizophyllum commune2013-12-22 15.30.32Elaphocordyceps – the truffle it was parasitizing is unpictured. 
2013-08-31 16.30.56 2013-08-31 16.30.02 2013-08-31 16.26.44 2013-08-31 16.25.34Cortinarius iodes
2013-08-31 16.11.08 Amanita Species 2013-08-31 16.03.56Likely an Amanita species
2013-08-31 15.46.38Likely a Lactarius Species

2013-08-31 15.24.01Pholiota species, maybe Pholiota squarrosa 

2013-08-18 17.35.34Chicken of the woods: Laetiporus sulphureus

2013-05-12 11.36.39Pleurotus species

1Same Pleurotus species, different fruiting on the same maple tree